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Who Operates Online Casinos?

Who Operates Online Casinos?

Online casino operation
Playing with real money adds so much
more excitement to the games.

This is something that everyone would like to know before playing. Like any casino in Las Vegas, there is a company behind every online casino that is in charge of operating the casino.

Like lottos, some online casinos are operated by central government bodies, such as in Sweden, however most are operated by private companies; some of which have been so successful that they have listed on various stock exchanges, such as the London AIM or NASDAQ.

Licenses from gaming jurisdictions

An online casino operation usually involves three types of companies playing different roles; the operator company, software provider, and payment processor.

The operator, which takes care of daily operations and customer relations, must be licensed by jurisdictions that issue "online gaming" (meaning online gambling) licenses, such as Gibralter or Isle of Man. The software provider, that makes and provides the games to the operator, also must be issued the similar type of licenses.

Therefore, a proper online casino operation, the operator will have gone through strict inspections by the gaming regulators of these jurisdictions, as well as provide games offered by the software providers that have also done the same.


Where are "gaming" licenses offered?

We all have to be sure to play
at casinos with proper licenses.

Online "gaming" (meaning gambling) licenses are offered in various jurisdictions around the world. Such jurisdictions include, Isle of Man, Malta, Gibralter, Philippines, Kanawake (within Canada), etc.

All of these jurisdictions offer the licenses for set "license fees", which may consist of yearly fixed fees or a percentage of the online casino's revenue. In return, the casino is given a license and strict regulation on their operation, which gives one a big trust factor to their customers.


Even these companies have their own online casino operation!

Virgin Group and Hilton Group both have started online casino operations. Virgin is known for their airline operatios and music labels, while Hilton is famous for its hotels.

Other companies include Playboy or Sega, which both have original slot game themes. You can find many more major companies that have their own or part ownership in an online casino operation.



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