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Licenses and how to differentiate a "safe" casino

Is a licensed casino safe?

Make sure the casino you choose has a license from the proper jurisdiction
Its very important to separate
the "good" and the "bad".

With so many online casinos out there, it is important to be able to tell which are "safe" and "could be risky" casinos. Fortunately, over time, the online casino industry has grown to make sure that players have many methods to rate the safety of an online casino site.

You can read here about these methods of rating safety. Also, it is recommended to start playing on casinos that are introduced here or on other sites as being "trustworthy".


The methods to rate a casino's safety

Your first method to rate the safety of an online casino is to look on the site for their "online gaming" license. There are various jursidictions in the world that issue "online gaming" (meaning online gambling) licenses.

A casino site must have one of these proper licenses from an appropriate jurisdiction for their operation to be legal. Also, a license holder must go through strict inspections by the regulation body of these jurisdictions. These jursidcitions include Isle of Man, Malta, Gibralter, Philippines, Kanawake (within Canada), etc.

Another method to check on the operation standards of a casino site is to check if they are being audited by a proper third party auditor company. This means that their "payout ratio" (meaning how much money bet by the players of this casino is being returned to the players in a fair way) is being periodically inspected by an auditor company to make sure that the correct payout ratio is being shown to the players.

If you also check online casino sites, you will find that many of them belong to various associations in the industry that give strict inspections in return for a "certification" from that association explaining that they have complied to the standards of that association. These are also reference on rating the safety of a casino.



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