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Blackjack at Indio Casino

kayla | Comments ( 0 ) | 2012/03/13 8:00 AM

How are you all?
Today's weather is soooo fine! I love it.
It's been raining for a week or two lately, but we have a sunshine today!
It's still cold though...

Today is my first day of playing online casino.
I'm really excited about it!!
I'm not too scared since I'm not betting a real money here.
It's just for fun, so I'm just gonna take it easy!
Here we goooo:)

Since I already downloaded the software of INDIO CASINO, I just clicked on the icon and chose PLAY FOR FUN and logged in with my username and password.

The very first page looked like this. The castle behind reminds me of "Aladdin" the movie.
I love that movie! I think that was the best movie among all the other Disney movies.
Anyway, I'm gonna start to play!

I didn't read the directions but it's kinda obvious, so I just clicked onto GAMES
I was kinda surprised that they have so many games on there...
I looked through every games in there and chose TABLE & CARD GAMES.

Then I picked BLACKJACK since that's the only game I've played before.
Even only with blackjack, they had couple games in there.
I picked the very top LUCKY BLACKJACK and I couldn't understand the rule and lost 10cent there...
So I just went with a very simple one "BLACKJACK" lol

I started out with single hand.
I don't even know if there's a strategy to win this...
The only rule I know is to make it close to 21(blackjack), have to be bigger number than the dealer, and all the face cards are counted as 10 and Ace could be 1 or 11.
That should be enough for my first round right? haha

The very first bet I did was 50cent! 
I know it's sooooo small but I need to get the feeling you know;)

I had 15 so... of course HIT!

and 16... so i hit again...
of course I lost... lol

It's okay I just started!!!!!
And I kept betting 50cents and lost couple times.
I'm glad this isn't a real money lol
BUT I won for the first time after couple lost!
I was happy even though I got only $1:)

And I guess since I won the first time, they told me it's my lucky day and ask me if I wanted to play for real lol
Man I only won $1!! haha

Of course I'm not ready for that yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I played couple rounds and I lost for the most time...
But I won $1 again!
I wanted to change the wave, so I bet $2 for the next time, then I won $4!!!!!

So I started to bet $5 and I lost twice, but after then, I won $10!!!!

Of course I didn't win all the time, but I won pretty good, so I increased my bet from $5 to $10, $20. I think it IS my LUCKY day!!!!!!:)

Before I lose my luck, I decided to switch the game to where I can play with multiple hands, and see if my luck is for real by playing at different game.
I chose PERFECT BLACKJACK this time!

This is freaking exciting!!!!
I won all hands for my first round in this game:)
Also I got Blackjack!!!!

So I increased my bet to $1 each.

I won $3 so technically I didn't lose anything, but I lost one hand and got push for another hand...

But I won one hand, so I bet $5 for the next round.
17 is always the hard number to decide whether I should hit or stand...

and yes I lost...:( 

But I increased my bet to $10, $20, $25, $50.
Of course I lost more than winning lol
So I switched to single hand to change the negative atmosphere!
I bet $100 and won $200, so I bet for two hands and won $400 and $600 for triple hands.

I got really excited and played 5 hands.

I won $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im totally loving this game:)
I played for a while and still didnt lose that much, but i think its a good idea to end it when im winning! ;)

So yup i had a great time playing online casino!!!
We'll see if im still lucky when i play for real:)

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