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Play casino games for free?!

kayla | Comments ( 0 ) | 2012/03/12 12:03 PM

I was gonna sign up for Neteller in order to play online casino.
BUT I found this online casino where I can play without betting any money.
I can play casino games for free!!

I've never played casino games except for blackjack, so I wanted to play without betting anything like a practice round for my first time.

I asked myself which is more fun? Signing up for Neteller or signing up for free online casino?
Of course I picked "FREE ONLINE CASINO" who doesn't right?

This online casino that I'm talking about is <Indio Casino>.
Their website looks very simple and classy.
It's pretty straightforward and easy to understand it!

If you are interested in this website, click on to the link here or above, it'll take you to Indio Casino's official website.
Then you'll see a big red button in the middle says"Click Here to Play Now!"
Just click on it!!

Indio Casino Downloader popped out, so I checked "I agree to the terms above" and clicked on "Next"

INDIO CASINO DOWNLOADER did everything and I just waited for a second!
I thought it was gonna take for awhile, but it was one snap;)
I mean you know I just wanna express how fast it was lol

We made it!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Now we are done with downloading it.
Almost there:)

After pressing "Done", Indio Casino started by itself!!!!
Now I can finally sign up for playing online casino for fun:)

I chose PLAY FOR FUN for now. Yeah I'm that chicken... lol
Nah I just wanna practice before I bet for real you know!

Ugh... again filling out some information.....
But we are almost there hopefully:)

Finally I can play online casino for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got an email after registration.
Getting an email means I am all set and good to gooooooo!!!! right? :)

Yes! LOGIN paaaaaaaage!!!!!
I'm about to start something totally new for me.
This is really exciting:)
You just put in your username and password in order to login.

I just logged in!!!
The background is roulette and loads of chips...
These are something that I would imagine for casino!!!

Can't wait to play!!!!
Gonna go to bed and ready for the big day tomorrow;)

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