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Inter Casino Experience Reports

  • 11/09 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack on Inter Casino
    Of the little money I have left on my Inter Casino account, about$30, I will try to make something out of it, or basically lose it all trying. Let's set my goal to triple the starting balance. I had some good luck on blackjack last time, so I will try...Read more
  • 10/17 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieYabadabadoo! on Inter Casino
    "Dino Delight" on Inter Casino. Man that guy in the back looks familiar... haha Whoever knows the cartoon knows what I am talking about! This is soooooo close to what it is, but yet so far away. hehe I don't remember the wife to be so air-heady.. haha But she...Read more
  • 10/09 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieVideo Blackjack on Inter Casino
    Hey I found a cool game! Video Blackjack! I had never heard of such a game before, have you? "So, what is the big difference from the normal blackjack?" Was my first comment. But it looks to be really interesting. Basically, you can choose to have one to five hands...Read more
  • 09/23 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieMore slots on Inter Casino
    I got hooked on slots at Inter Casino. They have some really attractive games! Today, I will play "Buccaneer's Bounty", which I have been wanting to play. The graphics looks really cool! The game show various animations when you win, which is a part of the fun. This is an...Read more
  • 09/20 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieSlots on Inter Casino
    Playing some slots on my lunch break again :) This is a classic type of slot game with a jackpot feature... I find that it is harder to win on these kinds of slots... The wager is a bit high, 0.75GBP for one spin. But the jackpot always lures me...Read more
  • 09/04 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieAll American BVP on Inter Casino
    All American BVP is a Video Poker game on Inter Casino that I like very much. The game automatically holds cards when you have the "Auto-Hold" feature turned on, which makes it very easy to play, and you will not miss cards that you did not see, when playing through...Read more
  • 08/31 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack on Inter Casino
    I am getting hooked on Blackjack... Inter Casino's Blackjack is very nice. Really nice interface and no need to move around the mouse too much when playing. I think it is very well thought through. You can use the "Auto-Bet" feature to repeat bets in a certain format automatically, much...Read more
  • 08/16 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieCubis on Inter Casino
    Playing on Inter Casino on my lunch break again :) Let's do a simple game that can be played quickly. Hmm, "Cubis" sounds like a fun game. Let's try it. Here is what it looks like. Whoa, I have no idea how this works. haha Well let's just play to...Read more
  • 08/11 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBatman on Inter Casino
    I'm gonna melt... What is this insanely hot summer.. I have summer vacation this week but i don't feel like going out anywhere in this heat and humidity. Tomorrow I will go out with friends, but today I will take the luxury of spending a lazy day at home under...Read more
  • 07/27 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieFirst try at "Three Card Poker" on Inter Casino
    Hello :) Man it is getting extremely hot here in Japan (I live in Osaka Japan) It was just the rainy season that I think has ended or is ending soon. This year was terrible with almost what seemed like sudden tropical squalls... How do I get by the heat...Read more
  • 07/24 Online Casino Experience Reports chuckieBlackjack on Inter Casino
    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the World Cup! Incredibly exciting stuff! I have sorted out my payments, and have deposited approximately $50 into my Inter Casino account. I have never played at Inter Casino before, but some of the games here look very interesting. For example, Inter Casino...Read more


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