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Game Rules, Strategies, and Free Games

Here, we will explain the rules and strategies for games you can play for free at online casinos.

Types of Casino Games

Roulette Roulette Rules/Strategies/Free Games
An easy game for anyone to start playing

Slots Slots Rules/Strategies/Free Games
You can play while relaxing, or aim for the jackpot.

Baccarat Baccarat Rules/Strategies/Free Games
Originally a noble's game. It's actually a really simple game.

Blackjack Blackjack Rules/Strategies/Free Games
The rules are simple, but gets deeper as you play.

Poker Poker Rules/Strategies/Free Games
There are many variations to the game. Find the game of your choice.

Live Dealer Live Dealer Rules/Strategies/Free Games
Play against a real dealer appearing on live video. Feels like you are sitting in a real casino!

Progressive Jackpot Jackpot Rules/Strategies/Free Games
Play this if you want to aim for big bucks! The jackpot grows as people play around the world. Who will take it all?


Try out the games for free

You can play each casino game for free. Start by downloading the game software from the online casino site. You can usually play almost all of the games for free, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slots.

Some of the games can only be played in real mode (where you are playing betting with real money). Usually live dealer games (where you are playing against real dealers on live video feeds), or progressive slot games (where the jackpot accumulates as people play) can only be played in real mode.

Bet amounts on games

The amounts you can bet vary for each online casino, or for different players.

In some casinos, you can bet as little as 10 cents per bet on a roulette game, or as high as $2,000 per bet on a baccarat or blackjack game.

Type of games

The rules for table games are universal throughout the world, so there are not so many variations of these games, but each game provider makes a whole lot of different slot games. You can try out the different games by signing on to online casinos that use different game provider companies. For more on each online casino and the game providers they use, go to "How to Play Online Casinos/Experience Reports".




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